Endless Frame Photography

Look to the Horizon

A Sunset over Tokyo, Japan

    From the top of a tower I waited and watched. It’s didn’t matter where in the world I was. The sun that set was still that same. At twilight things start to change, even in a city. In a meadow you wait for the fading of light and the din of night. Grass swaying, the sky becoming a darker blue speckled with white dots until it somehow becomes black.

     That sun was the same here, just the signed were different. Instead of the stars above I watch the tiny white and red lights of the city below twinkle into existence, neat and organized rows, all the while shadows were cast, stretching as the gold grew.

      Even in the city I look for the beauty of nature. It’s all I have sometimes to calm me down. It helps me make sense of the world and lose myself at the same time. To see and feel, move and do, gives me a healthy way to release the tight bundle of emotions that balloons up inside me. There are days I just want to scream, to run, and to escape. You can never escape yourself, and I know this, so I look towards the horizon. When you see an endless blue sky and the golden colors of the sun begin to touch the earth, a stillness takes over me, and in that moment it might be the only time that I ever truly feel “okay.”

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One thought on “Look to the Horizon

  1. I know exactly what you mean when you write that even in a city your looking for the beauty of the nature, and I agree, good shoot!

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