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Autumn Bloom

“Autumn is a patient season.” I told her as we sat on a wooden bench tucked away in the corner of the garden.



f each season has a personality then I think Fall would be the most patient. It starts earlier than people think and long before an Autumn chill hangs in the air. Sure people in the States consider “summer” to range from Memorial to Labor Day, but no one would consider these hot and humid early September days “Fall.” However if you look around the gentle touch of Autumn is making its presence felt. The youthful ferocity of Summer is waning and a wilt can be seen weighing heavy on the leaves. The palette of the landscape has begun to change too: touches of deep rustic colors, flecks of brown drying leaves, and a deep conifer green start to permeate your vision. When the lushness of summer has truly run its course then, and only then, will Fall assume its role as “the season.” For now, it waits and bides its time, residing in the ebb and droop of summer, appearing silently in the color of newly bloomed petals and as the brown in wither of others. Here as some of Autumn’s secret colors.

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21 thoughts on “Autumn Bloom

  1. LuckyestGirl on said:

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    Amazing photos ❤

  2. ❤ très beau site et photos br

  3. Lovely and oh so true.

  4. Beautiful shots, Frankie! We’re seeing glimpses of Fall here in Korea too. The rice fields are beginning to have a golden tinge to them.

  5. Wow amazing photos! I love them. The flowers have a great crispness about them!

  6. Amazing photos….actually felt the fall here sitting on my laptop.

  7. Hi ! Today I start this little adventure, it’s my first post : emsalterego.wordpress.com Please, enjoy it ! 🙂 I’m from Barcelona

  8. Very nice, the colors are spectacular. Kudos.

  9. Beautiful images and a lovely description of this gentle waning Autumn as you put it.

  10. Annecécile on said:

    Flowers are so wonderful and colorful, good job it’s fantastic ! xxx

  11. I’ve always liked Autumn. 🙂

  12. Just started blogging and love these photos.

  13. Hi! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  14. Beautiful work. Autumn is when nature gets creative 😉

  15. Lovely flowers.

  16. you have amazing photos,
    I’m a photograph too, you can checkout my blog would be great if you would comment my pictures.

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  18. Lovely pictures!! Autumn brings us a magical world of colours

  19. Beautiful pictures

  20. Lovely colours!!!

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