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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Loving

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Summer Lovin’ “. I have a love in my life and we will finally be together again at the hawktail end of this summer.

        Nobody really knows what love is. Whether its the beautiful verse of a poet or the terrible adjectives tossed around in a paperback romance novel, neither can quite say. What I do know is that love is real, and sometimes its hard. I purposed to my girlfriend almost a year ago, and then a few weeks after that I took a job offer in another country. We’re both travelers at heart, from different countries, met abroad, probably will end up aboard again. At the time it seemed like the best decision, Music Teacher at the top performing charter school in Chicago, and in a quick six months we’d have a visa and be on our way. Its been almost a year since then and the job is an overwhelming amount of work, and a 6 month visa became a 12 month, and shes still not here. However that will all change at 7:35pm tomorrow. We’ve done the best we could apart, but both of us can attest to something missing, something that makes our lives feel like they’re in limbo, we’re incomplete without each other. Each and every action I take is framed in the construct of a couple, “I bet she would like this” or “she’d kill me if she knew I bought this.” For a person like me, who covets freetime and individuality, this voluntary shift of  my mindset, handing over half the reins, took me by surprise. I did it, unprompted, and she would never ask me to give up my interests, hobbies, or freedoms. I guess that’s what made it so easy to do so, I was letting go of my carefully built existence rather than having it taken from me. 

    These pictures are from our time together in Korea, just an amazing and magical four years of my life. We would visit this temple, I had a motorcycle and she’d wrap her arms tightly around my torso until we’d arrive. Through the winding grounds, chants, and bells, and incense, you’d come to an unassuming trail behind the temple. We’d hike it weekly and a small platform among etchings in the rock face was our reward. It wasn’t the peak of the mountain but it was our favorite. We’d sit, watch the sunset, watch the city move, and as the lights came on we descended back into our lives. You don’t always have to reach the peak, sometimes you find your favorite place before you get there. I think that was a really important lesson we both learned on that Korean mountainside. Our time apart made that even more clear, you don’t need the best job or most money. It all helps of course but what’s most important is being together; and more than any poetic words could express I think understanding that and having that feeling in your heart: that’s love.






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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Loving

  1. luckyestgirl on said:

    LOVIN’ your photos ❤ I wish I could take pictures like that…maybe one day, after lots of practice

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  3. Annecécile on said:

    Aw lovely pictures with the sunset !

  4. Jan Alexander Novalis on said:

    Great photos!
    I wish I had talent as you.
    But, I invite you to my new photoblog, where I publish my trying.


    Regard, Novalis

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