Endless Frame Photography

Summer Storm

A sudden Summer storm swept through a humid June day

        The light crackled through the sky and the boom shook the walls. Large heavy drops assaulted the pavement with such frequency it sounded less like rain and more like radio static. The breeze flowed through these sheets moving around more like waves than wind. The dark clouds moved in layers overhead in a frantic hurry: quickly and dangerously. Fiercely the rain continued to fall, weighing down leaves, shaking off the ends of branches, and gathering in ever-deepening puddles.

      In the darkest and harshest throes of the storm the thunder was so close it shook my bones. The flashes came fractions of seconds before the noise to indicate the storms presence directly above me. Violently the wind shook the trees and raked the rain across the ground. A car alarm sounded in the distance and the whine of an ambulance added to the cacophony. Until, almost as quickly as it set upon us, the flashes grew less frequent and the thunder grew less threatening. The drops became small and fragile, and the sound washed away with the streams pouring off roofs and into sewers. Soon nothing fell at all, and just like that the summer storm had passed.


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8 thoughts on “Summer Storm

  1. Captured so well! I loved looking at these pics!

  2. I love the smell of the summer storm.

  3. Joan on said:

    Beautiful prose and pictures.

  4. An Activist Abroad on said:

    Beautiful shots!

  5. YES. Love photographing the rain. A tall order though! Your shots look lovely. Evocative. Bravo! You’ve just earned another happy follower. Thanks J x

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