Endless Frame Photography

A Study in Light and Color

What’s more important? Can one pick and choose between the two?

A brilliant shaft of light shot through the triangular window over head. It threw its brightness over the wall like a golden blanket. The soft sun discovered hidden lines and objects hanging amongst the shadows and jet black of the wall. As the color rushed in behind the light it warmed them too. Shimmering gold and bold reds revealed. The whole spectacle framed in itsΒ the triangle of light and color.

Shooting in each has its merits. The strong light and lines are particularly present in black and white, while the eye is drawn to the impossibly vibrant colors when shot that way. I personally think balancing color can be quiet tricky, and black and white is the easier, and maybe more elegant, medium to work with, however when done correctly one cannot deny the dynamic and animate display that takes place across a color photograph. To say one is better than the other is impossible, you can choose a film for a particular shot and even that eventually is the artist’s preference and even then sometimes they cannot: as I could not below.

A Study in Light and Color: B&W A Study in Light and Color:Color

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10 thoughts on “A Study in Light and Color

  1. stiklakafakravata on said:

    Colors give the life to the photos, but b&w can be much more effective because of the feeling from the past. No1 can choose. Its gorgeous both way πŸ™‚

  2. It’s all taste, but I find myself more drawn to black and white film. Rarely have I shot a black and white photo and wished I’d loaded the camera with color film. I even don’t mind black and white sunsets when they help show contrast in the clouds. However, I’ve had plenty of color film photos where I wished I’d had black and white loaded. Sure, I could change it in post, but that’s not really my style. I find that my favorite color photos are the wacky ones, where I cross process the film to get really vibrant colors. Or color infrared, where the image is more psychedelic and bold.

    • Yeah you do a lot of great stuff when you do use color. Neat patterns, double exposures, and light leaks give your material a really organic feel. Its not something you even could do in post

      • Thanks, I try. I’m sure there are some photoshop wizards out there who could do a decent job of copying the feel of experimental film photography, but to me that ruins everything. Most folks, myself included, already spend enough time staring at screens. I wish more folks would go analog! I’m fearing the day when film goes extinct…

  3. I am a fan of black/white photographs. πŸ˜‰ But in this case the coloured one is my favorite! πŸ™‚

    Both photographs are cool captures. πŸ˜›

    Greetings from Germany, Christian

    • Thanks Christian!

      I agree with color being the better of these two, how I like the way the B&W one is framed, which is whole different conversation entirely

      Frank, from Chicago

  4. I like the color one better. Both are great, but I like the combination of the red and yellow with the gray and light blue.

  5. The colored photo catches your eye much more, but you barely notice the adjacent wall, which you do in the black and white one. Still, I like the colored photo more because the sky takes up such a large part of the picture.

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