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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

A lonely balloon: Discarded and Deflated.

     In some half completed parking garage, caked in dirt and dust, puddles slept still and quiet, slowly giving their lifeblood to the air. Empty bottles and shattered glass, from ghosts that left long ago, were strewn about the floor. Youthes had scrawled emblems and symbols with spray paint in broad rushed arcs of their arms. The deeper you went in the less hustle you heard of the traffic and the world outside.  The grass here, swaying gently in a lazy breeze, grew longer than it should have; a sign of unimportance and neglect. In a particular sun soaked patch a friendly pink balloon whirled and drifted about. Free to roam but never quite leaving the spot at which I first saw it. “It’s alright balloon” I thought, “a lot of people are like that too.” It’s brilliant cherry rose hue contrasted the emerald green of an unrestricted summer grass, and a white curled chord followed it around everywhere it went. Someone had held it once, the chord that is. Until they, intentionally or otherwise, let it go. The proud and full balloon rushed out of its owners hand up and up seeking its home amongst the clouds. It must have scraped the sky and made the sun jealous, because here it sat: sad and sunken. The balloon lost not only its luster but its form. Sagging and wrinkled it sat, grounded and without a dream, sort of meandering in no particular direction at all.  “It’s alright balloon” I thought, “a lot of people are like that too.”


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. that’s sooo cool!!

  2. Great contrast in colors, beautiful with that green vs purple:)

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