Endless Frame Photography

Autumn ’13 Phoneography

Shot entirely on an iPhone 4s, and edited using Instagram here are shots from Autumn


     While paging throughThe Daily Post” they featured a long post on using filters when editing photos on your phone. It reminded me of a monthly feature that I have since discontinued due strictly to absentmindedness. For several months (in a row none the less!) I would share Instagram photos on my blog, something I was previously against doing but changed my mind (here). 

      It helped me keep track of what I had done, and forced me to chronicle my often spontaneous adventures, the memories of which fall into the creases and folds of the brain and are only retrieved by baiting lines with old photos. Looking back on several months of photos, I feel depressed. The frequency and quality of my adventures appears to have dwindled drastically. I recently moved cities and constantly question the decision. On a near nightly basis I weigh pros and cons with the end result consistently being lament. Here’s more concrete evidence for the side I wish wasn’t winning these nightly debates. Four months of life boiled down to a paltry 40 photos. I guess monthly installments will no longer be necessary, as least for the remainder of the year. #lament


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6 thoughts on “Autumn ’13 Phoneography

  1. Really enjoyed these pics. It was nice remembering the beautiful colors from last autumn. Some photos I knew exactly where they taken from, others new to me. A photo journal is an excellent idea.

  2. I think these are some amazing shots! It’s incredible what you can do now on a mobile phone. I’m lucky if I can get these kind of shots out of my digital camera, let alone my android! Please keep sharing 🙂

  3. it’s awesome..good colours..everything looks perfect..:)

  4. Endless praises to such an amazing ‘Endless Frame’. I am a fan of your gorgeous blog and I am always smitten by your every lovely pictures. I hope it is not too much when I nominated your blog for ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’ here http://thisisfaa.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/thank-you/

    Keep on posting those beautiful pictures 😉

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