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Sunday Series: Laundry Day

A young woman struggles to deal with an overwhelming load of chores.

In this modern world of burgeoning adulthood, we’ve all been overwhelmed by endlessly replicating list of duties that constantly insert themselves into our lives. None too challenging alone, all astoundingly tedious. Laundry in particular I find to be mind numbing, but unavoidable. The tangible pile forming in a hamper, or darkened corner of a bedroom, that grows and grows. When you finally get a moment of freetfree time, the last thing you want to do is scale this not-so-metaphorical mountain. However it must be climbed, again and again. A modern day Mercerism set before Dick’s android filled apocalypse. This series seeks to capture than essence, the fatigue and struggle under and endlessly increasing pile of laundry.

Laundry Day


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Series: Laundry Day

  1. Great flow in these shots…and a beautiful smile of being overwhelmed as well.

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