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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Aligning with WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme of eerie, here are several black and white photographs of an etching on a prison cell wall in Vietnam.
fancy-line    This city was most likely bearing the name Saigon when the sobbing stone woman was etched into the wall. Currently know as Ho Chi Minh City, it was host to the the spectacular fall of the Americans during the end of one September in 1975. Both sides of that grisly and brutish war were notorious for internment camps and maltreatment of the camp’s inhabitants. This etching was left on the wall of one of the cells by one of its many “tenants.” Who knows where any of them are now, but what remains at this location is an etching of a crying girl. Perhaps a daughter or a sister? Wife or mother? One malnourished hand pressed firmly on the rough and cool surface of the wall while the other rakes a smuggling piece of scrap metal over the surface purposefully and repeatedly. Again and again this prisoner’s masterful use of an unconventional canvas, resulted in this eerie etching and a heartbreaking monument that waits silently sobbing, mourning the horror that occurred in that cell in front of her eyes. 

Stonefaced Etching Behind Bard


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

  1. Etchings on Saigon’s prison cell… they tell so much more than than what we could perceive…if only they could tell their own eerie stories…

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  3. Nice. Love the lightning….

  4. Love the lightning..great job!

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