Endless Frame Photography

Skyline Series

A series of shots of the skyline at twilight from my new home, Chicago, USA.

fancy-lineIn a whirlwind of weeks, that turned into a miasma of months, I have found my self living a new city in a new country. Chicago, USA, the Second City, first in windy politicians and years since a World Series win is now my home. In brief, I moved here when offer a position teaching K-8 Music and the job, it put it succinctly, is slightly more demanding than I was anticipating. I find myself spending time that I would have used for field work or editing, lesson planning, grading, or just passing out on whatever even mildly soft surface I sit down on. I’m sure that once I settle into a routine my life will become easier, and time will appear where there wasn’t any before. It was an automated email that informed me of my one year anniversary that brought me back. Β For now, I think updating at least once a week is a reasonable goal and I look forward to reentering a hobby that has brought me such a sense of accomplishment and joy. I miss the tranquility of a meadow at twilight, of a wooded bike ride, or a foggy mountain ridge. I have to readjust to my more, angled and urban surrounds but I have already had my eye on a few secret places that hide on street corners and materializes in the evening’s fading sunlight.


Skyline Sunset City Skyline Nights16-bit Skyline


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9 thoughts on “Skyline Series

  1. Smooth transitions, Frankie~!!

  2. That’s a HUGE adjustment, and teaching is so much extra work, especially in the beginning,. I hope you find lots of non-rural things to enjoy in Chicago. It’s certainly got a lot of potential for photography – good luck with the job & move.

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