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The Lone Astronaut

“The endless light of the night sky, the brilliant blaze of a thousand suns compressed to a tiny dot, our intrepid adventurer stared fearlessly toward the horizon.”fancy-lineStuck at work with naught to do I was thumbing through some of my old photos I have posted online. I was thumbing through an old roll from the volcanic island of Jeju that I took some years ago before I had a proper camera or editing software. I have always loved a few shots I took of my friend Mike because they look so alien, and in my head he seems more akin to an astronaut on a distant planet than any terrestrial being I have seen, a veritable Spaceman Spiff. The rocks were onyx black and the fog was heavy and low, the pale water lapped up towards us and he went bounding off into this foreign and unknown world while I timidly hid behind my lens. I wondered what I could do for these pictures; they had quite a bit against them, I shot them on a tiny Olympus and on top of that, I would be downloading an already compressed version from Facebook, not to mention I was without editing software on my work computer.

      A quick Google search turned me on to pixlr.com, a free and easy (and surprisingly powerful) online photo editing website that totally free. It has several different versions, advanced, which is almost a clone of an older version of Photoshop, and simple, which is more akin to the filter editing that people are used to on their phones. I toyed around with both, but I had a lot of fun with simple mode. They have a seemingly endless amount of click and drag menus and I can see it being easy to get carried away piling filters and overlays on top of each other, but I tried to keep them relatively true to the originals (which I’ll include for reference.) I wanted to keep the mystery of the original setting while adding a flare of odyssey. I really enjoyed the end result but somewhere along the way my mind got muddied with thoughts about digital art vs photography and where is that line drawn? However I think that may be another topic for another time. For now let’s enjoys some shots of the “Lone Astronaut”fancy-lineAstro2Astro3 Astro Map Astro Overlay

fancy-line*Originals for Refrence

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17 thoughts on “The Lone Astronaut

  1. These are very beautiful. The first two remind me of pictures from “The Little Prince”. The space traveler, as an image, is so rich, and I’m excited that more and more artists seem interested in it. Cheers!

  2. Very beautiful photos. I like the first one thats a nice shot!

  3. awesome dude ! !

  4. these are very cool, i love the look of them )

  5. I agree with you that editing programs lots of fun, even free ones, and that often you have to restrain yourself, which you did. That top photo works fantastically!

    • Thank you! I actually have been thinking about doing a shoot with these star back drops in mind. It’d be a double first for me (a planned photo shoot, and shooting with post editing in mind)

  6. I love the one where he’s reading the map and the silhouette! I adore pixlr and used the “space/stars” layer in this post: http://gleaningthenuggets.com/2013/04/22/photo-challenge-up-the-poudre-canyon/. I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with using these apps to enhance photos…my brother calls them “art-a-graphs” 🙂 Have fun!

    • Hey wow those look great, and I partially agree with you about “enhancing photos” because you need to get the shot in the first place.
      No amount of editing can make a bad photo good

  7. I really enjoyed these.

  8. Mike on said:

    Wow. I guess I’m mentally on other planets most of the time anyway.

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