Endless Frame Photography

End of May Phoneography

A random collection of the photos taken on my iPhone throughout the month of May.


A little over two months ago I joined the 21st century and inherited a smart phone. In what, I hope to be, a monthly installment I want to share some of the snapshots I took on my phone throughout the previous month. I don’t always have my camera with me, and even if I do, sometimes a lens in the face can cause the subject to change their behavior and shy away. Phones are discreet, and common place and occasionally allow you to capture these intimate moments that would have been lost otherwise. 

It also serves as sort of a reminder of what you’ve been up to. It seems to me that time is passing quicker than ever and occasionally I stress about “what have I been doing?!” So, in this way I can remember all the excursions and escapes that occurred. Suddenly instead of looming deadlines, grad school, and job applications I’m thinking about mountains, or a road trip to the sea. I remember the sunsets and skies, and that life is way more than the sum of its parts.


*Feature image was a “pic stitch” of me skating in Chuncheon S. Korea, taken by PjBrez
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7 thoughts on “End of May Phoneography

  1. love the skate pic and looks like you had an amazing may. look forward to seeing more from you ) beth

  2. Ha, it’s interesting how the original skate pics taken on film with a toy camera ended up being edited through instagram ^^

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