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Gion Streets in Black and White

A few black and white shots on a dreary February day from Gion, Kyoto’s famous Geisha district.fancy-lineThe cloud ceiling hung low and grey and occasionally a thin veil of drizzle would drape across the pre-Spring February day. Kyoto, the old capital of the empire, looks today as it did then. A cultural time capsule or a tourist destination; the lantern lined alleys of teashops somehow remained quaint and rustic, devoid of the kitsch that could very easily claim them. The small wooden bridges span the same tiny river that still flows through the city. Occasionally a taxi might break the illusion as it comes down one of Gion’s narrow cobblestone roads, bumping and jostling as it goes; for the most part though traffic is limited to pedestrians and a grandparent slowly and steadily churning past on a bicycle. Sounds of business echo throughout the alleys, and while difficult to determine the origin they’re wonderful in providing ambiance. Sloped and tiled pagoda roofs give the simple lined buildings a uniform elegance while the massive 5 storied Yasaka Pagoda; the last remnant of the Hokanji Temple, towers above as if keeping that watchful parental eye on its tiny wooden children below. I feel the black and white helps capture the timeless of these old streets quite well, and helps mitigate the lack of light I had to work with that day. During editing I applied a Holga filter and increased film grain to make the images seem older.

fancy-line Lantern AlleyAscending StaircaseGion GeishaUps & DownsGion Streetsfancy-line


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14 thoughts on “Gion Streets in Black and White

  1. free penny press on said:

    Wonderful shots.. love the processing!

  2. nice. I love Gion.

  3. The pictures are lovely! They are so very beautifully clicked! Gion must be a very beautiful place to visit.

    • It quite it! I know for most people Japan in on the otherside of the world (and expensive to boot) but if you find yourself there Kyoto (where Gion is) is not to be missed

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