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End of April Phoneography

A collection of the various pictures I captured on my iPhone 4s throughout the month of April.fancy-line

I’ve written before about the inevitable progression of cell phone photography (phoneography) and I am far from the only person to do so. Last March was “Phoneography Month” and even WordPress’s own have written about the pros and cons of this emerging art. 

I still much prefer the heft of a camera, as opposed to a tiny pocket phone; it gives me a sense of purpose and concentration. When I have my DSLR my intent is clear, I am there to take photos, that’s my activity, that is what I am doing. Sometimes though, I don’t have it / I didn’t bring it for numerous reasons. Life moves quickly and more often than not something unexpected occurs (if its more often than not….is it still unexpected?) Phoneography is quick and immediate. I have countless unedited pictures from a January trip to Japan and a February trip to Vietnam sitting on my PC, but with my phone I capture the image, edit it, and post it online immediately  Neat, quick, and simple. I also love all the new opportunity shots that I am able to take because I had my phone with me. For me, Phoneography has a different feel to it than the traditional variety. It’s more of a reflection of your daily life, snapshots of memories and activities. They might not necessarily present a wonderful photo opportunity but the event was significant enough that you felt it warranted documentation. Instagram (the most popular phone photo sharing app) is such a wonderful name for this burgeoning field, as these shots are truly ‘instants’ or moments that might have otherwise been lost.


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15 thoughts on “End of April Phoneography

  1. Love the use of the gallery here! Lovely images. Thanks, also, for the mention of my post.

  2. Inspiring! Your phone photos are amazing. I only use my phone’s camera every once in a while to photograph my food! Haha 🙂

    • I’ll do that when the gf cooks, but sometimes when I’m out and about I just wanna take a snapshot of something! Dont you ever notice a scene that just begs to be photographed?

      • I take some scenes once in a while but your phone photos are far excellent than mine. Not even close! That’s why I really admire the people who could take great photos using a phone camera. I just don’t get the results I want. Maybe I’m just not that creative? LOL! But when I have my DSLR I do get really imaginative, inspired and couldn’t stop taking photos! 🙂

  3. I’m of a similar mindset myself. Nothing beats the process of setting out to take photos with my trusty canon but at the same time this phone has 2000+ photos on it and all take me back almost instantly to a memory…mostly more quickly than my carefully planned camera shot. Go figure!

  4. LOVED your pictures! Great work.

  5. You did a great job with just your phone.

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