Endless Frame Photography

The Translucent World of Milky Waters

Hidden visions take form on the surface of milky water. Opaque images on a gloomy day.      fancy-line The tiny stream of water slowly dribbled down from the hills, over the rocks, and then away from me. It came from I know not where, yet on this dreary grey of a day, it had somewhere to be. I perched above the trickle and crouched to get as close I could. The water was stuck or stalled or still at least. I saw the expanse of sky reflected on its surface. The bleak black shadows of barren tree branches stretched their fingers out across the milky canvas. They appeared to me as a tangled mass of roots that were visible somewhere below in the bed of translucent soil. Like an opaque mirror the water’s taut surface revealed these shapes of an old and dying wood in an unstable and mysterious fashion, much like a witch’s cauldron or a gypsy’s crystal ball. Cloudy but clear all the same. The drip drip drip upstream continued and eventually the water I was staring at would carry on, and although the river had somewhere to be, the images did not. They maintained their presence in that small ditch alongside the path, waiting or looking for what, I dare not guess.


Micro FallsUp and Overhang Grassroots


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13 thoughts on “The Translucent World of Milky Waters

  1. its beautiful!!!! Your writing is great too, the place looks magical and you conjure up such an image with your words. The reflections in the water do look like roots

  2. Heavenly images here. It seems that you stumbled into the truth while looking into a scrying pool. Then you included the rest of us with your beautiful, flowing words. Thank you for this morning experience.

  3. First time visiting your blog and I really enjoyed it.
    Your photography and vivid descriptions are lovely.

    • fThanks for your kind words and following. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Im jealous of your trip to Italy! I’ve always wanted to visit Europe

      • So have I and it was a life altering experience.
        You simply must go. My plan is to save enough pennies, even ones I find, to use as my currency to go back.
        I loved Rome and Florence, but Venice really amazed me. It’s a walking or boating city and since I love water, it was a match made in heaven.
        More pictures to come to inspire your on European adventure.

  4. looks great 🙂

  5. The contrast and lighting in some of your photos is really beautiful!

  6. Nice shots and words here, Frankie! Where is this?

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