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Paper Universes: Peter (5/5)

Paper Universes is a micro project on micro worlds. Pocket-sized stills of a secret life that come to life only when no one is looking. Their lives explained in less that 300 tiny words.

I haven’t seen the sun for over 60 days in this barren hellscape of ice, wind, and snow. Struggling through ‘traffic’ just to dive into the cold sea, where I don’t even want to be anyways. The icy bath is full of seals and sea lions, and other total assholes who would like nothing more than to grab me in their disproportionally powerful jaws. All this just to choke down a few panicked and underfed fish.  That is if the ice doesn’t freeze over and drown us all to death. Then I’ll spend a day of my life waddling back over inhospitable tundra, just so I can vomit into my ungrateful son’s gaping mouth. I can’t remember the last time I had a meaningful conversation with my wife or anyone else on this godforsaken wasteland of a continent. Am I the only who really has a problem with this whole shitty situation? Doesn’t anyone else give a fuck?


My bones ache and my heavy eyes sag. I know I’m just a penguin, but holy shit is it fucking cold out. If I had access to, or my body could properly process, alcohol I would give up this life of a poor fisherman, give up the sea entirely and just quit man. Fuck it. Some days are better than others, but when they’re like today I hope I just dive directly into some moderately sized predator’s jaws, some ignorant brute of a seal who isn’t even the on the top of the food chain and is nursing a bad Napoleon complex. I just dive right in and he quickly snaps my worthless avian neck.  It’s still dark in Antarctica, and it’ll be another month before sun breaks the horizon again.


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2 thoughts on “Paper Universes: Peter (5/5)

  1. free penny press on said:

    Very nice.. love the picture as well..

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