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Paper Universes: The Amazing and Important Worldview of Brian Mayfair (4/5)

Paper Universes is a micro project on micro worlds. Pocket-sized stills of a secret life that come to life only when no one is looking. Their lives explained in less that 300 tiny words.fancy-line

         Some say my worldview is narrow, some say my worldview is endless. To external eyes my life is simple and safe, they don’t understand the dangers I face. I find and grab a stick before I start off across the playground, just in case I fall victim to a pool of quicksand. I know not to drink from the fountain on the far side of the park because its pipes run straight out into the ocean, and if we drink too much it might kill all the fish. Tommy said if we kill all the fish then the sharks might be in the deep end of the pool, and we’ll need to stay in the shallows, or at least within arm’s reach of an edge. For now, I’m concerned about two things: one, not falling off my swing because the sand below me looks a little wet and I can’t remember the last time it rained, which means one thing (quicksand), and two, these naughty squirrels running across the swing sets. Ever since Rob threw a baseball at them I think they don’t like us anymore. I can’t hear them but you can just tell that they’re planning on getting us back. I think we should build a small house of sticks for them to live in, and each give them a part of our lunch to say sorry, but Peter Dinkle say its stupid. I’ll just do it by myself later. I have hours of daylight left before I hear my father holler my name across the backyards of this neighborhood to call me home.  Then I’ll hustle home at dusk, shouting and waving goodbye to all the familiar faces and places I pass.

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3 thoughts on “Paper Universes: The Amazing and Important Worldview of Brian Mayfair (4/5)

    • Thanks! As a teacher, I sort of straddle this weird line about what actually exists and what doesn’t. To a young child, have a fear of the covered slide because you “cant see inside of it” is very real, and so who’s to say what important?
      I know I am definitely more conscious about quick sand than most people my age.

      • The stories keep building in our mind and if they are real to us…..they are real to us. Hopefully a child can trust his world enough to live without giving full attention to the stories.

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