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Paper Universes: Striker (3/5)

Paper Universes is a micro project on micro worlds. Pocket-sized stills of a secret life that come to life only when no one is looking. Their lives explained in less that 300 tiny words.

fancy-lineMy muscles move without thought, my skin is moist and my shirt is soaked through. My body is warm and all I can hear is the blood pounding through my temples. I let the ball fly. There is no silent epiphany, no thoughts as to how I got here or how much this moment will mean to me when I am too old to run anymore. I don’t think of my game or my family, this isn’t a movie and there is no internal dialogue: there is only movement. For an athlete, life is movement: Life is a moment. And in this moment I can focus on these small pure perfect acts, forgetting about any other distracting aspect of my life. A cathartic kick, a purging play, an aseptic action, followed by an emptying exhale. The movement of life in a moment.

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4 thoughts on “Paper Universes: Striker (3/5)

  1. I like this very much

  2. I really like your paper series of images. Very creative.

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