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Paper Universes: September School Day (2/5)

Paper Universes is a micro project on micro worlds. Pocket-sized stills of a secret life that come to life only when no one is looking. Their lives explained in less that 300 tiny words.

It was a warm and blustery day in late September. Summer by all accounts, with autumn only gaining influence once the sun departs in the evening. The Ginkgo trees however, betray the season’s intentions as they are always the first to change. I’m not really scared about going to school by myself anymore; it was just those first couple of days really. I’ve told my mom that, but I think she’s the one who’s scared of letting me go to school by myself. So I let her take the bus with me and remain her darling daughter for a little while longer. A decade from now we’ll both be glad we held hands as we shared this sunny September afternoon together. 

#tree #treetuesday #tree tuesday

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5 thoughts on “Paper Universes: September School Day (2/5)

  1. It’s so gorgeous! Really love the colors of the trees!

  2. looks so beautiful,, ^_^

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