Endless Frame Photography

Sunset #5: Bookend Silhouettes

Sunset fireworks illuminating the sky overhead, a synthetic city buzzing and humming below.fancy-line50 stories above Tokyo we faced west and watched as the sun sank in the distance. Miniature planes zipped across the sky leaving wispy white comet-like trails in their wake. These trails hung in the sky, faintly suspended for the briefest of moments and eventually disappearing into the growing gradient of the evening.  The day’s last rays scattered upwards away from their now hidden source, dissipating both their light and color throughout the sky; it was a glorious evening full of secret stars hidden behind a veil the color of tarnished gold. Shadows ran strong and long and deep as the city below began to glow and hum with synthetic light. For me Tokyo below represented a microcosm for the world at large. Sunset fireworks illuminated the sky overhead, but by the time the colors filtered down below they were washed and faded in our artificial light, obscured by our towers and constructs. A million people too busy to look up, a million below too hindered by our “progression” to see a sunset.


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5 thoughts on “Sunset #5: Bookend Silhouettes

  1. Beautiful silhouettes here Frankie~!

  2. free penny press on said:

    I love shadows and silhouettes.. hard to capture correctly but have done a fab job.. beautiful shots!

  3. it is a big world

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