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“Digital Negatives” featured in Red Lightbulbs Mag

A series of my photos entitled “Digital Negatives” will appear in the 10th and final issue of Red Lightbulbs.
The folks over at Red Lightbulbs Magazine (http://redlightbulbs.net/about.html) will be featuring a series of my photos in their tenth and final issue. Red Lightbulbs is an irregularly published collection of online ephemera open to fiction, poetry, video, sound, and many forms of hybrid art. After 10 strong (and thorough I might add) publications they are closing up shop. Mostly a literary publication they also however seek out art that “evokes without explaining and reveals without representing.
My piece, “Digital Negatives” was selected for the issue. (http://redlightbulbs.net/issue10/cademartori.html) “Digital Negatives exposes the secret world of what, through effort of editing, was only initially captured on film. Has the progression of photography come full circle? Can two points make a circle?”
The description is a bit “tongue in cheek” because it focuses primarily on digitally inverted photographs which represent how the shots would look as negatives if taken on a roll of film. So what was once considered an unfinished photograph devoid of post production, is now being published after editing to revert it away from its finished state. Still;, there was the effort selection involved as the conversion needs to also add something unique to the photo. In this case, I selected these three because of the unearthly hue that asked a ghost-like quality to everyday objects.
Sea Ghost

Sea Ghost (2012) – Frank Cademartori

A yellow summer Sunflower, held breathless beneath the blue ocean.

Pale Flicker

A Pale Flicker (2012) – Frank Cademartori

The souls of the dead flitter in the wind like a weak midnight flame.

Solar Hole

Solar Hole (2012) – Frank Cademartori
A rip in the sky, leeching its color, away and down it spins.
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3 thoughts on ““Digital Negatives” featured in Red Lightbulbs Mag

  1. These are so beautiful.

  2. Stunning work!! and congrats!

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