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The Bend in the Road

I know the road ahead does not end, my only concern lies with what’s around the bend. 

The bend in the road signifies travel, movement, and escape: both literally and figuratively. Countless artists, whether they’re authors, painters, or poets have evoked its image. Robert Frost lamented at the fork in the yellow wood, John Denver wished his way home along one, and I’m standing somewhere between the two. I am however, idling at the point in the picture above, at the bend in the road. I know where I’ll be for the next 6 months but I can’t see past it. The part that frightens me the most is that, I’ve always had a vision of what I hoped and wanted to be around the bend, but this time I don’t.  Lewis Carroll famously once said that, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” and while that may be true; you could also argue that you cannot truly plan a route without a destination.


Around the bend could be anywhere. The wealth of possibilities before me over whelm and I struggle to put them all into labeled boxes. I believe it’s impossible to know the full consequences and outcome of any decision you make, yet every decision has them, and in a sense they’re always final. Each of us are traveling down our own roads, building them as we move forward. With each step we flatten and pave the ground before us, and looking back you can see your road. For it some it’s very straight, for others not quite so, however there it is. There is your road, the past decisions you’ve made and the path you’ve walked to get to the exact point you’re standing now. Then you turn, and when you look ahead there is no road. We can see where we’ve been but not where we will be until we actually walk it. You can always change your direction but once that path is walked, and the road paved, you cannot change where you’ve been.


If you have a goal, say a mountain peak in the distance, as you approach it, the larger and clearer it becomes. It’s easy to see the path you must walk, but with this bend, I can’t see my mountain, in fact I cannot say if it’s a mountain at all. I’ve been around bends before and each time I’ve been lucky enough to be presented with wonderfully smooth and blacktopped streets, but as we age and wind further up the side of our mountains, the cliffs and sides become steeper and the direction of your road becomes more permanent. It’s disquieting for me because I want to make sure that in 6 months time I’m able to keep myself on the high road, and not tumbling down a dusty slope. I know the road ahead does not end, my only concern lies with what’s around the bend. 

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

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7 thoughts on “The Bend in the Road

  1. Excellent commentary. Don’t forget there can be wonderful side trips along the road traveled. You are the best!

  2. First, thank you for your recent visit to my blog. Secondly, I think this post is so beautifully written and photo is so lovely. I too like to know what’s around the bend, but things don’t always work out that way. I hope that your road is relatively smooth and with wind on your back so that when you make that pit stop at that point where you can see, you will be more prepare. Also, let go of the fear and embrace the adventure.

  3. if you do not travel even another mile your path has already surpassed the wildest expectations of anyone. your choices about which fork to take has been exceptional and your road has not and will not be traveled by hardly anyone you will EVER know.. if you have had no fear so far…your future choices are will be just one more step. nothing is forever. what you have collected so far, memories, photos, experiences, knowledge, cannot be bought or handed to you by anyone. You are the brave one, the strong one, the wanderer. your life has been MAGICAL and will ALWAYS be. just continue doing what you have been. there will always be a few snags but you are very special…very, very, special.

  4. In this particular case, could it be more about the journey than about what’s around the bend?

    Good luck 🙂

  5. Taylor Kickbush on said:

    This is a beautifully written piece, and photograph. I love this work.

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