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Sunset #4 : Twilight Tones

The subdued honey tones of twilight.

There’s something peaceful in the dulcet tones of twilight. The sun laying itself to rest after a hard day’s work, draining the color from the sky while a slow and creeping darkness fills the void. Night comes alive in subtitle and invisible sounds that are present but just outside of comprehension. Audible but not heard, like the words stuck to the tip of your tongue. Imbuing the world with a faded and subdued sense of calm twilight can be so easily overlooked or ignored. For me it the slow order of things, the very seamless and natural progression. Like actors in a play, each insect and tree and bird knows its role perfectly, and performs it nightly. The twilight’s transition is simple and smooth. I’m reminded of a Jason Schwartzman quote from “I Heart Huckabees.” In a discussion about whether or not to tear down some woodlands in order to build a shopping mall there’s this brief quip:

Albert (Schwartzman):No, I’m not. I’m talking about not covering every square inch with houses and strip malls until you can’t remember what happens when you stand in a meadow at dusk. 
Bret: What happens in the meadow at dusk? 
Albert: Everything! 

Photography refers to it as the golden hour, and as someone who often shoots during sunset I can attest to this accurate naming, however there is a short time after the sun sinks below the horizon, while still radiating it’s last breath skyward, that offers up some of the most fragile and delicate light I have shot in. I used a landscape setting on my camera when I shot these, which emphasizes the blues and greens, next I really brought the colors out in post by increasing the saturation (very slightly, like less that 5%) via a Lomo filter. These were all shot the same day, with the cityscape being significantly later than the rest.

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

tt powerlines1

tt powerlines2 tt bell tt buddha tt cheonan

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21 thoughts on “Sunset #4 : Twilight Tones

  1. You know I love the Buddha. The lighting by the sun’s golden hour only emphasizes the splendorous moment that you’ve captured it.
    How is fades into the turquoise sea of sky makes it feel as if I’m dreaming.
    But it is the sparce line that lingers in my mind. I can’t help it. I am drawn to your creative nature. The simplicity in the composition of that piece resonates within me.
    I do love turquoise though, a very melty stone I’ve grown fond of.

  2. Beautiful captures here, Frank! I love what you’re doing, keep at it!

  3. beautiful!

  4. wonderful colors and tonalities!!

  5. Now I have to say, telephone wires wouldn’t be a normal subject for me, but it just proves it’s all about the lighting. Love it. The colours are beautiful.

  6. Another yea! for the colors – and the quote!

  7. fantastic work! great shots and awesome colours!!

  8. Nice serie of sunsets photos; I like tose with the power lines and posts silhouette!

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