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Sunday Series: Her First Autumn

A beauitufl portrait shoot among the rich colors of Autumn.

The brief splendor of autumn leaves is one of the more impressive sights of nature. Despite its regularity, year after year at the same time, you can never count on getting that perfect autumn day. The bloom of red and gold against a sapphire blue sky is something that happens only several times a season, yet it’s the image we all picture in our heads when we think of fall. A sudden storm, a stiff wind, an early frost: all of these dangers can rob the season of its most treasured aspect. Big broad sheets of color prematurely ripped from their braches, deprived of their graceful flutter towards the forest floor. That’s why I was thrilled this year when, on an actually quite brisk day, I was able to bask in all of autumn’s glory. My eyes saturated with vibrant color, my lungs filled with crisp air, the scent of musty leaves and the sound of a gentle breeze rustling through trees. In that moment, it became my favorite season, even if just for a day or two.


I was out amongst the trees with my girlfriend who, being from Africa, was absolutely in awe of the unfolding spectacle. She had been bugging me for quite some time for an autumn excursion so she could send pictures back home. Not only am I not a meteorologist or an oracle, but the fact that I am living abroad in South Korea left me with little or no idea when the leaves would actually change or when the rains would stop. But there we were, one Sunday afternoon, sun weak in the pale blue morning, steam heavy on our breath; I knew this might be our only chance at the season. The color burst from the branches above and littered the paths we walked below. Her excitement ruptured out through her clear and glinting eyes and sunrise smile as she bound off into the woods like a young hound in the show. By the time the sun retired from the sky that evening we were both tired as new born babes, clutching paper cups of coco to warm our chilled fingers, I slept well that cool autumn evening.


Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens



Sunrise SmileRed IndianAsleep and DreamingAsleep and DreamingAutumn SurprisePhotographer's PortraitDSC_0835

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Series: Her First Autumn

  1. The colors are as beautiful as Kershea! I did not realize it was her first autumn until I just read this. These photos are special. The photos capture the brillance of the fall colors and the happiness of being just there!

  2. Well it wasnt really her FIRST autumn as they DO have it in SA, its just not as dramatic! Plus she technically was here last year; but last years was so rainy and terrible I barely got any pictures (if you hadnt noticed) so this is more of a “spiritual” first.

  3. beautiful words, photos, and girl 😉

  4. That first is a stunning portrait.

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