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Weekly Photo Challenge – 2012 in Pictures

My personal picks for Top 12 of 2012

     Wordpress weekly photo challenge just so happened to conveniently coincide with what I was planning on doing Sunday, but pushed off until today, anyways; The top 12 of 2012, or “My Year in Photographs” so to speak. I enjoyed going back and seeing how far my work has progressed, and I have to say (#humblebrag) I’m really impressed with how much I’ve developed as both a photographer and an editor over the last year. My shots and compositions are a lot neater and more focused and I stopped over saturating when I edited. It also helped to remind me of all the places I’ve visited this past year and of memories with friends who have since stepped out of my life. Selecting only 12 shots from an entire year’s worth of work was like pulling teeth, and I don’t think these are my best 12, but more like the ones I enjoy the most. I chose these for a variety of reasons but mostly because I feel like they stood out on their own, differentiating themselves from the rest of my work. I tried to selected photos that, when presented alone without context, could be displayed and enjoyed by a casual observer. I like the variety in this class as well, and while I would still predominantly say I mostly take nature photos, I’m beginning to see my perception isn’t entirely true. Overall it has been a wonderful year and I’m lucky for everything I’ve gained over the course of it. I can only hope 2013 brings me as much joy and takes me to as many beautiful places. 

Happy New Year 

From Frank @Endless Frame Photography

(Blog Stats 2012:https://endlessframe.wordpress.com/2012/annual-report)

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

Top 12 of 2012

(in no particular order)

Snow Pagoda Po Lin BuddhaRelease White Beach BoarderSunset Signal Window ShoppingSky Warrior DeadwoodA Pale Flicker Dirty MaryPost No BillsPixelated Buddha


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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – 2012 in Pictures

  1. Mmmm, interesting work!

  2. Where was “Dirty Mary” taken. Think that is my favorite photo.

  3. There’s a year to be proud of! I love the candles shot, and the tiled Buddha. Happy 2013.

  4. The candle shot is great. Nice change of pace.

  5. i am captivated by your pictures! your eye is amazing! cheers.

  6. I see you like silhouette shots, as do I – they can pack some punch. And I like how you processed some of them.

  7. You’re incredibly talented, I love all of these and they resonate with me on a deep level. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. poetry 🙂
    i might do a top ten too.. i’m a little late but your post has inspired me :p

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