Endless Frame Photography


An image digitally manipulatied to be reminiscent of old film reel perferations.

In a (most likely fruitless) attempt to establish brand or voice as a photographer I on occasion  invert photos, or digitally manipulate them in other ways just to see what the image will look like (as seen here). I originally started doing this because, as a digital photographer, I don’t deal with film negatives and wanted to see what my photos might look like if I had some. Most of the time, as you might guess, they look undesirable. Sometimes though it creates a new image separate from what the original photo might be and it becomes your (my) job as the artist to determine if the new filter adds anything substantial to your work, then and only then, should you keep it. Most of the photoblogs I follow here on WordPress can fall under one of two categories: 1) Film photography, usually gravitating towards the realm of artistic they are almost exclusively things like Holga, or Lomo, or Pinhole. (I have an opinion on the matter as to why, but I believe for civility’s sake I will refrain.) or 2) Amazing digital photography. Professionally edited and touched up in ways that defy my understanding and somehow make it look more natural and beautiful and unedited. These are the images you might see in a magazine.

   I don’t really use Photoshop and with the exceptions of minor alterations (mostly to restore lost natural coloring) my photos are not heavily edited. Today’s being an obvious exception. It feels cheap to me, that I am deploying gimmicks or tricks to separate myself from others, but in truth it is not. I have no delusions of photography ever being anything more than a hobby and therefore I have discerned that these aren’t simple tricks, but rather something that I want to do and therefore are a display of my actual voice as a photographer.

…     ..     .

Or at least that’s how I rationalize it

 Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens    Effects: Inverted and Cross Processed

This is the original image, before I rotated it 90' and cropped it.

I was shooting the sunset coming in through a prayer shrine, but was interupted by a dangerous maraduing group of hikers

Original Image

This is the original image, before I rotated it 90′ and cropped it.


Final Product: Perferations

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