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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate – “Dragonfly”

Striking a dynamic pose, a young dragonfly displays his vital and delicate wings.

          There are few things in this world as gentle as a butterfly’s touch or fragile as an insect’s wings. As I stated before I enjoy photographing dragonflies. I captured this little guy just outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the Angkor Wat Temple Complex. The primeval stone ruins echoed with the noisy din of the jungle, but when the trees cleared and open water emerged, so did these whimsical beasts, and by the hundreds too. Although it was years ago, I remember this was taken while crossing an ancient bridge over a slow and near stagnant river that was the color of dark mud brown and choked with the green foliage of lilies. In the space above it, there were just hundreds of these dragonflies silently flittering back and forth in their graceful yet erratic patterns. I remember a trick a Japanese exchange student named Kazuki had shown me a few months prior where, by vertically extending his arm and pointing an index finger to the heavens, he summoned a hovering dragon to the tip of his outstretched hand. I must have looked pretty foolish after unsuccessfully trying this for much longer than I care to admit. However, one was nice enough to perch upon some nearby vegetation and pose for me. Rising high up on his legs, arching his back, and lifting his tail he was perhaps attempting to mimic my foolish range of motions just moments prior. He bore his vital wings wide exposing their delicate nature, blue sky and white flowers were visible through their thin and sheer surface. His eyes were the dirty green of dusty emeralds and from his roost he stared, blankly in my direction, frozen as I maneuver around him. Then, just as quickly and elegantly as he arrived, he left and rejoined the cloud of insects clamoring about in the sky.


Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

Dragonfly Blue2 Dragonfly Blue Dragonfly Blue1




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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate – “Dragonfly”

  1. beautifully captured ~ !

  2. Gorgeous! Now I see exactly what you mean 🙂

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