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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons – “Seasons”

“Seasons” is a piece I sold about two years ago in order to raise money for charity.

A local (and now closed) bar was having an art auction and I submitted a few pieces (all of which I’m proud to say sold) in order to raise money for a charity, Justice for North Korea. It addresses the human rights issues that are so prevalent, and so close to me, just north of the border here in modern and comfortable Seoul. The piece is titled “Seasons” and is a collection of four 4×6 glossy prints, mounted on white foam core over white Hanji paper. (a traditional handmade craft paper produced only in Korea) Placed in an 11×14 frame, all the photos were taken in S. Korea. 

A few quick comments I feel are relevant to this post are: that your photos look enormously different when they are printed out and physically in front of you. As someone who mostly just works with presenting the digital representations of my craft, I was definitely surprised with the transformation of my photos when I changed the medium I was working with. It was a lot harder, and I was, all of a sudden, overly critical again about how they looked. They had a different energy and a different life about them, I’m sure a great deal of it was simply that “The self is the harshest critic.” Still, it was a big shock to me and I’ve had to do it a few times and now always select and print more photos than I need, because I’m never quite sure how my digital images will look in the physical realm.

It was also nice to go back and look at some of my previous work, not only to reflect on past accomplishments, but to take note of how much I have progressed in the last two years. Not that these photos are of poor quality, but I wasn’t even using a DSLR just a slightly better than average point and shoot Olympus. If I were to reproduce the same piece now I wouldn’t select any of those photos. I just have more dramatic and interesting images at my disposal now. I also noticed that my style, or brand, has slowly developed its self over the same time period. Both the images I capture and how I frame them in the shot, as well as the small editing touches that I unconsciously put into each photograph have seemed to manifest them self. I’d recommend taking a look back for all photographers, no matter what level, and see if you can’t notice a change in your own work. I hope that in two years I am able to look back on my work now, and notice a similar progression. 

Camera: Olympus SP-500UZ




Horizontial View of Foam Core


Spring Rains

An Autumn Staircase


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons – “Seasons”

  1. I agree. It’s definitely wise to look back at old photos and see how we’ve progressed. It reminds us that there are new things to capture ~

  2. As with any creativity, the work evolves, changes direction, even medium and it is interesting to look back – when looking back over some of my paintngs, I have rediscovered a technique or direction I had lost sight of when going off on other tangents – definitely a good practice to review previous work.

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