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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Window shopping on the streets of S. Korea

WordPress’s weekly photo challenge “Reflections” can be interpreted several ways, but since so many of the previous week’s themes have been introspective (Thankful / Inspiration etc) I wanted to take a literal approach this time around. Most of my shots, in case you haven’t noticed, are nature related. Truly I love being outdoors and capturing the beauty around me just sort of came as the next step in a natural progression. However, partially because I live downtown in a crowded Korean city, but also because I’m trying to advance my horizons as a photographer I’ve been shooting both more urban environments, as well as the people in them. One type of shot I absolutely love getting is reflections in store windows. It’s tricky and often times you need to rely on a light source you cannot control, not to mention that unwilling or unknowing people don’t always make the best subjects, but I several times I feel I’ve been able to really capture a unique shot! Reminiscent (or an homage to?) double exposure, I like these better because the scene being photographed IS happening together, and IS occurring at the same time, and somehow you’re magically able to capture more than one setting at once. So I wanted to include a couple of my favorite shots, it’s sort of a pet project of mine, so please let me know what you think!

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

*Note click images or view gallery for both more photos and higher resoloution.


Butterfly BlouseYour LifeButterfly DoorSpring Door

Bikes and BagsEggshellsHellCage

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. I love the fact that your reflections look like double exposures…..! and i like the reflection on the simultaneous reality, being reflected in the same place!

  2. Beautiful set of images. Love the clarity and colour. Really nice images.

    • Thanks! I appreciate it! They’re from a variety of shoots, so I just put in the ones I liked! I really want to get people’s faces (particularly couples) eyeing potential gifts, but no luck yet ㅠㅠ

  3. mind-bending 🙂 full of colour and confusion!

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  6. Great pictures – I also like shooting shop windows with reflections. I didn’t think of it as a special technique but when I see your photos I understand 🙂 Now I want to develop this technique. Thanks for visiting my blogs!

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