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Sunset #3 : Sunset Signal

A lone monk stoically signals the sunset to the growing twilight.

Indigos and oranges began to rip through the azure blue sky, laying themselves atop the setting sun. The orb’s shape became distorted upon its breach into the horizon. The gradient of colors dials backwards, outwards and upwards toward the heavens. Hues ranging from blinding white, to persimmon orange; gorgeous violets appear when the light meets with the deep royal blue of a sky that slowly fades darker and darker until it becomes undeniably black as night. A lone monk slowly rises and begins his unhurried walk across the temple grounds; he climbs the steps leading to the shrine housing the ritual bell just as the last vestiges of light are left in the air. Its deep and earthy tone resonates outward, flooding the growing silence of twilight, and only seconds later the sound echoes back towards you from the thick pine forests. The sounds waves permeate your body, vibrating, and before the experience is finished the monk swings the mallet, crushing it into the large bronze bell, and your encounter begins anew.

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens


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5 thoughts on “Sunset #3 : Sunset Signal

  1. Fantastic image, and I really enjoyed the accompanied words describing the scene. When I read ‘A lone monk slowly rises and begins his unhurried walk across the temple grounds’ I got a wonderful image of what that might look like in my head. It contrasts so much with the constant go-go-go movement of urban living I’m so used to seeing in my daily life. I like the notion of a unhurried walk, its something we should all do more often.

    Cheers, Jeff

  2. Loved the writing especially here – and I wish I were there.

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