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Sunday Series: From a Boat in Phi Phi

Selected shots from a boat tour around the Phi Phi islands in Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi is a pair of twin islands swimming in the Strait of Malacca just before it dumps its waters into the Andaman Sea. The islands are green jewels perched upon towering white craggy castles of rock that soar skyward out of the deep azure of the sea, surrounded by the softest sandy beaches. Of the two only Koh Phi Phi Don, the larger, is permanently inhabited and because of this there is an endless highway of boats ferrying passengers around, shuttling them between the two islands. Chartering a boat is obscenely easy and inexpensive and unless you have a PADI, it’s kind of the only thing to do on the island. Most of the boats are independently owned, and so everything from the conditions and quality, to the sights you see, to the price and amount of people aboard will vary. Easily living up to the lofty reputation preceding it, I am regretful to say I was a bit remiss in the department of photography. This was partly because the touring boats often stopped quite far off shore and gave you the choice of a brisk swim or a long wait for the single long-tail boat to shuttle you to land, and while the choice was obvious, it also prevented me from having my camera (much to the relief of my traveling companions). Still, I have such fond memories of the trip I wanted to share a small selection of the photos I took while about our touring boat.

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens

*Click on images for higher resoloution & gallery of all images included at the bottom



*Note the boats for scale


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Series: From a Boat in Phi Phi

  1. Love your perspective. Great photos!

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