Endless Frame Photography

Sunset #2

A solitary balloon drifts in the midst of a glorious sunset helping the Gold River(금 강) live up to its name.

Every other year, just before the icy autumn winds begin, the sleepy town of Gongju (공주) holds a massive festival, honoring the Baekjae Dynasty; one of the Three Kingdoms that existed in the country around the same time that Jesus was being crucified in Jerusalem. The focal point of the festivities is centered on a rebuilt mountainside fortress looming over the river, while local vendors gather along the shore selling their wares. The air becomes rich with both wonderful smells and fanciful music, and the two merge together with an urgent sense of celebration. As the mounting twilight loomed, the shadows began extending out from the hills; growing and draping the landscape in darkness. Lanterns flickered to life, reminiscent of the fireflies that lived there one summer long ago, and from behind a cloud the mighty gold sun appeared, blessing us with its last resplendent rays. Both luminous and glowing, they helped to ensure that evening, the ancient Gold River would live up to its name.

Camera: Nikon D3100, 18-55mm lens


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